Written Rule Of First-Class Interaction At KemperSports Property Is ‘True Service’ Program

kempersports golfWhen customers come to a KemperSports facility, there’s a written rule of first-class service that guides the experience they will receive. That written rule is “True Service”. This year, an enhanced version of this proprietary customer service program was introduced. The updated version is something we at KemperSports are immensely proud of and stand behind; we’re certain customers who visit one of our facilities will agree that the interactions with our staff are what enhances their experience and increases their intent to return.

KemperSports has always placed an emphasis on customer service. Championed by founders Steve Lesnik and James Kemper some 40 years ago, the growth of this golf industry management company has always kept client experience and retention at the forefront. Since thousands of guests frequent KemperSports properties on a daily basis, it’s essential to keep staff protocols current.  That’s why the recent debut of the enhanced “True Service” program is so important; it demonstrates that our company is sincere about ensuring positive interactions with staff every single time. The way this is accomplished is through making the five following pillars of the “True Service” program instrumental to employee training. Those five pillars are: Genuine, helpful and friendly employees; a responsible attitude toward customers; realize that everything matters to the customer; knowing that service is truly a team sport and achieving customer happiness.

These goals are easily obtained after trained professionals – who themselves have a passion for customer service – teach the hallmarks of “True Service” to our staff. Through a combination of online learning, in-person classes, videos and interactive assignments, staffers see first-hand what it means to offer “True Service.” To further explore the purpose of the program, we ask staffers to also complete self-assessments so they can gauge areas where the five pillars are strong and others that may need improvement. At the end of the training, KemperSports staff returns to their assignments with a renewed and enhanced service mentality. We know that this program works because we encourage guests to complete their own “TrueReview” survey to tell us more about what they appreciated the most and areas for our management company to improve upon.

With more than 100 facilities under our oversight, it’s essential that every staff member adheres to the same standards of quality customer service. We strive toward offering something that’s far beyond the “normal” customer service you might expect to receive. A trip to a KemperSports property is about creating memories and we recognize that creating a friendly, welcoming environment is what helps create long-term success.